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What I’ve Been Up To

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Mom, can you help me get this to allow me to create paragraphs in the second half? It keeps running it all together and I don’t know how to fix it. I know, I know. I’ve been quite the errant poster. Similarly, in fact, to my wonderful cousin. I’ve been busy. Took a trip to LA last weekend and have been working and taking care of other such things since then. Got some pictures to post that my dad will enjoy =)Some observations on LA/California:

  • LA is much better engineered for driving than is the Bay. I’m not sure why. I think there is more space on the roads, and things are designed in a fashion so that if you get off track, it’s easy to get back to where you wanted to be. Up here, if you stray off course it’s essentially impossible to become un-lost.
  • There are diners everywhere. This is a definite positive in my eyes. It might be the only thing I like better about SoCal than NorCal Diners a la the Fleetwood, and all playing oldies! Wow! It’s like being a kid in Michigan again!
  • At said diners, it is possible to order a grilled cheese that is simply a grilled cheese. Not a grilled cheese on artisan bread baked around the corner, with three different types of cheese (you get to choose from a list of 15 or so, including vegan options), and with innumerable other toppings. And it can come with french fries! Wow! I love the food in Northern California, but sometimes it gets a little bourgie for my tastes.
  • They can deal with weather even less than in Northern California! When I left LA, there were reports of snow in the mountain pass just north of LA. I literally sat on the I-5 N with the engine off reading a book for a good 15 minutes, plus a bunch of stop and go type activity. By the time I got to the top of the mountain, it essentially seemed dry to me. It was the kind of snowfall that crazies in Michigan see and react to with “Oh boy, this looks fun! Let’s go do some donuts in the local elementary school parking lot!”
  • I also noticed that when I told people I was driving south for the weekend their first comment was usually “Isn’t it supposed to rain this tomorrow?” My usual response tends to be something like “Ummm… I don’t know… I’m going anyway…” Obviously extreme weather will stop me from driving somewhere but if you know how to be careful with a car, some rain isn’t usually quite in that category. Anyway, this is mostly an observation on the difference in attitudes from the Midwest to the West Coast.

In conclusion, I’m a big fan of visiting my friends in LA but wouldn’t want to live there myself, ever. As my friend Steph and I rode the bus back to her apartment at about 8:30 on a Saturday night, this old man told us that we looked young enough that he could be our Grandpa, that if he was our Grandpa he’d be worried to know that we were out “so late,” and then told us to be careful of predators as we disembarked from the bus. I think he was fairly drunk.

I made coconut macaroons yesterday. Pretty tasty! Friday night I made a casserole from the Moosewood Cookbook. It contained brown rice, peppers, feta cheese and cottage cheese, and was topped with tomato slices, garlic slices, and olives. It turned out to be pretty good! I was a little skeptical as it was entitled “Bulgarian Pepper Casserole.”

My dear roommate and myself went to a bar in Oakland and saw some local bands play… The first two were great (The Generals and Good City Lie Still – I’ll add links later). The third band was so bad we left, but my thoughts on that might be a full post for a later date. I think I need to do some research first.

Today, I’m going to pick up a mattress (almost new) I’m buying from a friend’s roommate. I’ve been sleeping on a futon since I moved here and I’m pretty tired of it. It’s not very comfortable. Then I badly need to wash my car and check her fluids, etc. Poor Maggie…

Interesting Week

Friday, January 25th, 2008

It’s been an eventful week, at best. Fortunately, none of the problems are directly mine.I was going to visit friends in LA this weekend but between the busy week and the unheard of weather (including both a tornado and snow in close proximity to LA [what are we in Michigan or something?]), I decided to stay here, and put it off until next weekend. The tar pits and American Apparel factory store will just have to wait. 

I read this interesting article yesterday, and here are very small photos from our drive to Mount Diablo:


Back to the Bay

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

So, I realize that I promised a post soon and didn’t write a post soon.

I’m back on the West Coast after a very good trip home-for-the-holidays. I’m still in the midst of appreciating the differences between the two places. Since I got back to the Bay, there have been some enormous rain storms. Our apartment has two sets of windows looking out from the kitchen and living room, and the hurricane-force winds were blowing rain at them in such a way that the kitchen flooded Friday morning. In California, windows, like Driver’s Ed classes, are not designed with precipitation in mind. In reality I didn’t realize how strong the storms were until someone asked if I was alive (joking) and I started to read the articles. I did notice that it was raining a lot. And I heard that we’re getting more rain this week than we did in all of 2007. Here’s my only picture – leaving work Friday, driving west on the 880 in Oakland:

Also, I heard thunder for the first time since moving here on Saturday morning! One long, loud rumble. Wow! And all of that on top of the great blizzard we had in Ann Arbor on New Year’s Eve:

Since coming back to California, I’ve worked two days, visited a bar we hadn’t explored before (lame), visited our favorite neighborhood bar, gone to Amoeba Music (Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew Spirit If… and Sleater-Kinney‘s closing album The Woods), done an art project, and gone grocery shopping. Not bad. Here’s what I made:

It’s the earring rack in the bottom right hand corner. I made it from a used picture frame and window screening. I used thumbtacks to attach the screen to the frame – I may try to improve on that at some point. But in the mean time this will help keep my earrings from getting more beat up than they are. I have a couple more similar projects in mind.

We saw Kevin Drew play at The Fillmore in November and it was a great show. Kevin Drew even referenced Ann Arbor. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks played a show at the Great American Music Hall two days before I left for Michigan. The drummer from Sleater-Kinney is now playing with him and she rocks pretty hard. I’m more disappointed that I’ll likely never see Sleater-Kinney play. My roommate and myself were called out hardcore on being from Michigan during that show… Another post for another day.

More of everything later…