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I am pretty much lame.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

So what happened is, after nearly a year of searching we finally found a new apartment and things have been a whirlwind ever since. So, I am going to be nice and post some pictures of it, okay family? Also, I have been a little unsure of what I want to say in this space, and what I really want to do with it. That’s another contributing factor.

Basically, I haven’t been up to most of my old tricks but I guess I am probably learning some new ones. At work and at home, really.

My roommate and I moved in to a cute, small house on an alley in SF with another girl she (my roommate) goes to school with. Roommate #2 is fitting in remarkably well with the rather long-standing relationship that roommate #1 and I have (which is a feat). Our neighborhood is aptly described as “colorful,” visually and culturally. I don’t feel like going in to much detail here so if anyone wants to know more specifics ask me personally and I’ll tell you about where it is. It’s much nicer and more comfortable than our old place in many ways. It gets a lot more sun throughout the day and feels dryer, which are two big pluses as far as I am concerned. My commute, by train, is very easy. Here are some pictures:

alley north
west-new.jpg southeast-new.jpg

As rumored, we had a “T” Pary – Tequila, Tecate, Tamales, Tattoos, (Tecktonik, PiñaTa) housewarming party. So really it was less Mexican/Spanish themed than “our neighborhood” themed once you get as far as the tattoos and tecktonik. We had home-made tamales although most of the other things advertised were not home-made. The piñata was home-made. Pretty good going if you ask me.

Sorry those pictures are sideways, they are edited and saved to my computer facing the right direction but for some reason they show up wrong on here.